Tune Up

Keep your bike rolling

Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults

Air and oil for chain is free. Index chain lube 1 dollars

These to do when doing a TuneUp

1 check bearings replace if needed. (add cost for barrings. 50 cents a bearing. grade 25 hi speed precision bearings. )
2 repack grease. If cage bearing then replace if needed with precision. that is your front and rear wheels and crank shaft.
(22 bearings in the bottom bracket, 20 in front axle,18 rear axle)
3 adjust brakes
4 adjust derailleurs.
5 Oil all cables.
6 check frame alignment
7 check fork alignment.
8 check chain stretch.
9 lube head set bearings
10. true wheels if (not) bent (If bent read below)
11 check chain ring alignment
12 check crank bolts or nuts.
13 check sprocket ware.
14 check derailleur sprocket ware.
15 align derailleur to frame chain line.
16 pull seat post re-grease
17 clean off dirt that may harm mechanical parts.
18 wax chrome from rusting
19. fill oil on sturmy-archer 3speed.
20 cable adjust Sturmy-Archer 3speed.
21 clean off chain re-oil
22 check the dish on front and rear wheels

For the bike that needs more than a tune up read below