Flats Fixed Bicycle Service
Flats Fixed is retired and closed you may contact me about old 3 speed bikes.
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Bike Restoration

Keep your old bike and give it a new life. Rusted out spokes - I replace them. Bent wheels - I rebuild them. Scratched up paint - I use automotive paint and try to save the decal.
I restore old bikes for people that want quality and durability.
If you have an old Schwinn or Raleigh with the Sturmy Archer three speed hub, bring it in.They are built to last a life time. Pick out a road bike to be built.

Frame painting is $75.00 plus paint cost; you pick the color. Paint can cost $10 to hundreds; the average paint cost $25.
Standard bike paint is $150.00 plus paint cost; you pick the color with no decals. Add $50 per extra color. Prices include disassembly and reassembly.
Is clear coat a paint yes.? Do I need Clear Coat.? No if you are going a one color. Why because PPG Shopline automotive refinishing system.
is like other modern paints a translucent paint. this with three coats leaves you with a bike that can be buffed out for years.
All Paint jobs are just that. if bike has to be restored that is another type of work. both of the balloon fender bikes restoration was over $650.00
bent wheels $15 to $25 depending on damage.
Wheel building $25 Plus spokes cost. rim cost, hub cost.